Rob Krumm

Ruckus ICX7150-C12P – Software Upgrade & Licenses

In the previous post regarding the Ruckus ICX Switches, I detailed the configuration and some best practices to allow further configuration/management of a Ruckus ICX switch via SSH. This post will cover the next important step in setting up your ICX switching environment: Upgrading the firmware. SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! Before starting with any […]

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Ruckus ICX7150-C12P – Initial Configuration

This post covers the initial steps required to configure a Ruckus ICX 7150 switch.  Topics covered here include: Console Access Setting the switch hostname Assigning an IP address Enabling SSH access Setting a username and password Further configuration will be covered in later posts. Console Access All initial configuration tasks must be completed via the […]

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One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of signal processing is the Nyquist-Shannon Sampling Theorem.  It has been noted before that many engineers misunderstand the theorem, selecting sampling frequencies that are often too low, causing errors in systems design.   An understanding of the underlying theory behind signal sampling is also useful to the communications engineer […]

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Passband Signals

The term Passband signal in the current context refers to the modulated signal that results from a baseband signal modulating a carrier wave.  Passband signals have some interesting characteristics that we will cover by referring to the diagrams below. (Disclaimer: illustrative purposes only). Properties of Passband Signals Shifted Frequency Response The complete frequency response (including […]

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Signal filtering plays a fundamental role in electronics and communications.  Filters modify specific frequency components of time-domain signals and are used as a tool for signal quality improvement, information recovery and frequency separation [1].  Filters are a fundamental frequency domain tool and as a component in electronic circuits and digital signal processing allow us to: […]

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