Rob Krumm

802.11 PHY Compatibility – Basic Overview

802.11g <–> 802.11 / 802.11b: When 802.11g (ERP-OFDM) was released in 2003, we needed a way to co-exist with the large installed base of older 802.11 (DSSS) and 802.11b (HR-DSSS) based networks and equipment out there.  The solution to the problem used RTS/CTS control frames to silence the channel before an 802.11g station used any of […]

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RUCKUS WIRELESS: Zone Director vs. SmartZone WLAN Architecture Review

Disclaimer: I work for Ruckus Wireless Inc. (Now a Part of Brocade!).  This article is intended to assist any Ruckus Wireless channel partner or customer in selecting the right product.  It is neither intended as a “plug” nor a critique of the products.  It is simply a description of how the products work and what […]

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What does 802.11 Contention Look Like (Part 3) – Probabilities & Our First Model

In my previous blog posts in this series I covered the inherent problem with CSMA/CA and how it loses efficiency as more stations make use of a channel.  I also covered some of the basic rules of how CSMA/CA works as implemented by 802.11 Wireless LANs. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog […]

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