Posts that have something to do with configuring and working with Linux to achieve their goals. This category cuts “horizontally” across the various radio technologies.

Using the ODROID C2 as a WLAN Testing Tool – Part 3: Some Exploring and Installing wicd

Previous Articles in this series: Install & Preconfigure DietPi DietPi, First Boot In the previous posts in this series I took a look at how I installed and configured DietPi on my ODROID C2.  I also went through the settings and some software packages that I wanted to install on the first boot.  I should […]

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Using the ODROID C2 as a WLAN Testing Tool – Part 1: Install & Preconfigure DietPi

This series is inspired by the “Maker Session” conducted at the WLAN Pros Conference last year in Budapest.  During the Maker Session each one of the attendees was given an ODROID C2  single board computer along with a battery pack and various other accessories including an 8GB eMMC , eMMC reader, WLAN Adapter etc.  The […]

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